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Golden Fleece is a fairytale, born of a community rich in history and filled with a love of food & culture. Tucked away in the rolling mountains of Grovewood in Asheville North Carolina, Golden Fleece is a whimsical ode to the earth and the bounty of quality ingredients it provides. It is a celebration of slow cooked wild game, crackling fires, rustic recipes, and the beauty of naked produce.

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George Delidimos

Executive Chef

Joe Joest

Sous Chef


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Our Menu

At Golden Fleece, when it comes to the food, we take our time. We value slow-cooking traditions that gently coax and develop flavors to their fullest potential. We love to see the raw power of spices, nuts, and seeds infused into the slow-cooking process. Using wild game, local NC seafood, our favorite lamb preparations, and neighborhood fruits & vegetables, we proudly serve dishes that honor these ingredients.

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